About cattery

Welcome to TARNIS Sacred Birman cattery website.

ћy name is Olga Tarnovskaya or you can simply call me Olga Tarn. Tarnis*RU cattery is registered by ARCCA/FIFe and located in Moscow, Russia.

Sacred Birman is one of the rare breeds of cats in my country and I fell in love with these beautiful cats by photos and stories about them. When I found out that they are going to be exhibited at one of the cat show, our family went to see them and we were touched by their beauty and charm.

When our first blue point Birman cat Ricardo Blue von Dinau appeared in our house, we fell in love with him. We are very grateful to Gitte and Willi Dechant for this handsome boy. We realized that we would never be able to live without Birman cats. We were eager to have much more such perfect beauty at home. Thus a charming S*Raus Hojdens Pushkin appeared in our house (special thanks to Lena Ekstrom for him).

I took part in a lot of cat shows. My cats gave me an opportunity to visit a lot of countries and get acquainted with many interesting people. I wanted to share the happiness of possessing amazing Birman cats with other cat lovers in my country. Therefore, our family decided to establish a cattery. So we had Naiade Niege de Saphir*RU (thanks to Svetlana Yaremenko) and Bella Bocelli van Irma la Poes (great thanks to Bastiaan Pothoven), our wonderful and beloved girls.

All our cats live with us as family members. Our cats are taken care of perfectly including veterinary one. We do love our cats and they give us their love and tenderness too. Birman breeding is our hobby. Our breeding goal is fit Birmans with good health, wonderful character and irresistible beauty!

I would be delighted if you are pleased with our cattery web-site.

Sacred Birman is our love for the whole life.

Sincerely Yours
Olga Tarn

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